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ZENITH Insurance Services l.l.c is a newly established brokerage firm in the Sultanate of Oman in the year 2010.

It is an affiliated company of ACAIR Insurance Consultancy and Risk Assessment s.a.r.l in Lebanon which has been a pioneer and leader in the insurance industry through specialized consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in the business since 1989. ACAIR is member of the Lebanese Insurance Brokers Syndicate and upholds the professional standards of that association. ACAIR is also a member of the Fédération Méditerranéenne des Brokers d’Assurance (FMBA) and a founding member of the Arab Insurance Brokers League (AIBL).

ZENITH is a distinguished and efficient brokerage firm catering to the corporate and individual needs of the Omani’s market. Founded by professionals in this business with over 20 years of practical experience in the insurance sector, ZENITH already has an extensive client portfolio encompassing significant names. We offer insurance services to major public and private sector. Our client base includes large companies, multinational construction companies, major industrial companies and petroleum filling stations.

ZENITH has the technical ability and knowledge of the risk to advise the client of the possible/probable damage as to number and size of claim(s) in order to work out the level of self-insurance with a view to minimizing the cost of insurance. We have the technical ability and knowledge to determine the most appropriate method of risk financing and to assist the client to assess the optimum of risk assumption and risk transfer. ZENITH also assists the insurance companies to design their Treaty Reinsurance programs in determining the risk profiles / statistics / the max aggregate exposure.

Our main role is selling insurance coverage, yet we believe that our responsibility edges to:

  • be a mediator
  • be a moderator
  • be a catalyst
  • be assessor of information
  • filter the information
  • be a translator of culture
  • be aware of client's need, client’s requirements, the prevailing environment be it, Market, Political, Economic or Social Issues, and the forces prevailing in the market.

Our role entails many duties. We ensure that all information about the risk received are well presented to the Underwriters/Reinsurers concerned, and that the client disclose all material facts in appropriate form to the Underwriters. We possess a flexibility to adapt to our client’s needs & requirements in a particular geographical zone and the ability to deliver a tailor made product. We have global connections to follow on client’s geographical expansion and to ensure a close relationship with underwriters.

The languages spoken within the Company are Arabic, English, and French.

  The languages spoken within the Company are Arabic, English, and French.
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