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  • General Insurance: including many types of insurances amongst which are the following: Contractors’ All Risks, Erection All Risk, Contractors’ Plant and Machinery, Machinery Breakdown, Electronic Equipment, Workmen’s Compensation, Motor, Personal Accident, Fire and Burglary, Public Liability, Marine, Travel Assistance, Money, Professional Liability and others.

  • Life Insurance: which provides security against loss of income resulting from death. Usually it is designed to protect the family of the policyholder so that they would not suffer from financial hardships and humiliation in case the policyholder died. Life Insurance is divided into several plans:

    1. Term Life Plan provides life and disability coverage in case of natural or accidental death for a specific period of time.
    2. Investment Plan provides life and disability covers as well as investment for future plans such as education, pensions, savings and others.

  • Medical Insurance: which is a health insurance covering hospitalization and medical treatment. It protects the insured from any costs that may incur in respect of sudden illness or accident.


  • Banks
  • Contracting Companies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Fuel Power Plants
  • Industrial Factories
  • Newspapers Headquarters
  • Sound and Lighting Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Television and Radio Facilities


  The languages spoken within the Company are Arabic, English, and French.